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We focus on helping dogs & their owners live better together. In our classes we make sure you have a fun, hands-on & educational experience!


Does your dog tend to make their own choices? When you tell them to stay, do they follow you anyway? Do they behave at home but misbehave when you’re out in public?


Do you feel your dog is NOT  engaged with you on walks? 

Perhaps your dog pulls you around on your walks?

Many trip and fall accidents with dogs occur by the dog pulling on the leash or lack of engagement!  

Our low cost Loose Leash Walking Class is a great way to make your walk more enjoyable!


If you just brought a puppy home, or you’re a first-time dog owner, puppy classes are the perfect option for you and your new dog!


Is your dog aggressive or reactive?

Are you nervous your dog may BITE someone or perhaps already has? 
Does your dog recourse guard their food or toys? 
We can help you understand what you are dealing with and teach you everything you need to know about these specific types of behaviors!

Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Classes are a great resource for those who have a new puppy and are looking for a solid foundation. We offer educational information on owning a new puppy, potty training, introductions to a leash, luring and developing markers. This is where your new dog will learn basic commands and more. 

Loose Leash Walking Course

Loose leash walking can be very beneficial for dogs who tend to pull on the leash while walking. Not only is pulling on the leash uncomfortable for both you and your dog, it is not safe. Learn how to keep your dog engaged and make your walks and outings more enjoyable.

Improve Your Relationship With Your Dog

Develop A Closer Bond

Start developing a closer and more amazing bond with your dog today.

Hours by the Pack

At Brooks Family K9 we offer a number of different options to fit your budget. During your free consultation we can determine if this option is right for you

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